The Best First Lunch Ever

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How exciting! I’m excited. We have a new chef and I think we are in for a wonderful season, especially if today is an indication. Chef Kevin McKenna whipped up…

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Feeling Good: Braised Kale for a Winter Day

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It’s January, one of my favourite months for quiet time, learning, reading and being inspired. But boy, has it been an icy one. I’ve hardly wanted to venture outside and…

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Ginger Root to the Rescue

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  It’s heerrreeee... holiday treats, large dinners, indulgent baking and seasonal snacks- the days of rich feasting are upon us! I don’t know about you, but I am foodie in…

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Mulled Wine

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It was Saint Nicholas Day this week and what better way to celebrate this holiday season than by a glass of wine. I love red wine and even more, I…

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Farm Flowers and Soup

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How do these things go together particularly in the fall? Easily. Have a workshop making beautiful arrangements or wreaths out of the last of the garden flowers and farm fauna…

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Fall Soups

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  Fall is my favourite time of year for soup. There is something about the cooler temperatures, we all yearn for the warmth of comfort food. The colours of the…

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Leftovers the South Pond Way

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When my brother and I were kids we often spent summers at my grandparent’s house in Michigan. The soil was rich for many things - particularly fruits being so close…

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Epic Adventure, Epic Daughter

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Carlyle is off on a truly epic adventure. She is finishing her degree in biology from Western in New Zealand and has fully embraced the local culture of “tramping” (hiking)…

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