Healthy Eating

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It finally feels like summer. Everything is growing and lush. I’m noticing too, the days already getting shorter. How does that happen so quickly? A wonderful part of my summer…

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Herbs and Herbs and More Herbs

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There is nothing that is more satisfying in the summer than using fresh herbs to enhance all our garden produce. It reaches all senses. It’s wonderful that we have the…

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Bread for Easter

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There are so many great types of bread and new varieties that I've never heard about. A first for me is this bread is called Vegetable Ash Sourdough made by…

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Another (Tasty) Quinoa Dish

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There are times when I get tired of quinoa. There are a lot of great grains to choose from in making a grain salad or risotto-like dish but I often…

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Orange and the Green

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Just in time to celebrate the day! 1.5 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey 1.5 oz Cointreau 2 oz clementine juice 2-3 dashes orange bitters Garnish with a sprig of mint  

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Garlic Lemon wake me up!

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One of my mom’s dear friends who lives in Germany and who is an inspiration for greeting age full on with grace, beauty and good health, recommended this drink to…

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The Best First Lunch Ever

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How exciting! I’m excited. We have a new chef and I think we are in for a wonderful season, especially if today is an indication. Chef Kevin McKenna whipped up…

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Feeling Good: Braised Kale for a Winter Day

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It’s January, one of my favourite months for quiet time, learning, reading and being inspired. But boy, has it been an icy one. I’ve hardly wanted to venture outside and…

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