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Early one morning, before the holidays, I was starting my day. The fires had been lit, coffee made and I shuffled into my office to sit in my favourite chair…

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Wood Stacks and Conversations

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This past week, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to take a break from life at the farm and visit my godmother, Renate and her companion Eberhard in Germany.…

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The Goat Coop?

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  The goats are currently having some reno's done to their usual paddock (or goat palace as we lovingly call it) meaning that lately they have been sharing pasture with…

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Wood Stacking, Year Two

It’s that time of year again... winter’s only just ending and eight cords of wood arrived to keep the house warm next year. The wood was dropped off in many…

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Girls, this is why we live here!

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This is why I moved to the country. On so many occasions (too many my daughters might think!) - when the moon is just so, the light reflects magically on…

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