Kohlrabi Recipe

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  Kohlrabi Recipe Kohlrabi is a vegetable part of the cabbage family, that I do not believe gets much attention. It may be that we don’t see it that often…

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Zucchini Boat Recipe

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September is one of my favourite months. I feel like I’m turning a new page. Weddings come to a close, the super charged bustle is gone. I come up with…

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Clafouti Recipe

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  We have been busy getting ready for our French Country in Bethany Hills Supper Club ever since it sold out early last week! If you aren't lucky enough to…

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Saturday at the Field House

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  It’s another Saturday which means (during the off wedding season), driving Olivia to a Rugby training day or game. During the summer months, well it’s just crazy. Trying to…

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Friendship, Inspiration and Slow Food

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  I have a great friend, Betsy. We grew up together in our small town in Vermont, Brattleboro. We became friends in high school but later found out that we…

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Summer Rhubarb Mojito

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Not too sweet, not too tart. The mojito is the winner in our books for all-round perfect summer cocktail! If you drink your fair share of mojitos (like us...) and…

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Making orange marmalade is that time of the year like picking strawberries in June, like ginger cookies in December, like a camp fire in August. It’s February, time for Seville…

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Easy Smoothies for Healthy Breakfasts

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March. How is the time passing so quickly? I’m especially conscious of that as my second daughter, Grace, gets ready to leave the nest. It is a bittersweet time for…

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Bones & Broth

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Lately there has been a lot of commotion about broth—how good it is for you, how broth bars are popping up all over New York City charging $8 for a…

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